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Lock Bumping

01/28/2014 Back To Blog

There are thieves out there that are using a technique called lock bumping.  It is also known as key bumping. Lock bumping is when a thief applies pressure to a special bump key in order to cause the pins and tumblers of a conventional lock to jump out of place. Once this happens the key can be turned in a matter of seconds.  It is a skill sweeping the crime world and taking away a home and family security.  Many people are unaware of what lock bumping is.  They are also left wondering who can help prevent this from happening to them and who does the thief single out as a victim.Lock Bumping

Prevention of Lock Bumping

A bump key is very easy to come by.  There are videos and instructions all over the internet that show just how to use the bump key.  Entire lock bumping sets are sold very cheap and there are no restrictions of purchasing this item.  9 out of 10 homes in America can accessed through lock bumping without realizing it.  Many home owners think that having a locking system and an alarm monitoring security system is enough protection but it’s not.  If a thief is skillful then he/she can gain entry into your home or office. Consulting with a professional is one of the best routes to take when trying to protect your home against lock bumping.

Dangers of Lock Bumping

Most homeowners are not aware that there insurance policies will not pay for theft damages or losses without proof that someone gained unauthorized entry to their home.  There’s little evidence and signs of forced entry when lock bumping is used.  Home owners in jeopardy of losing property never receive adequate compensation for the loss of that property.

Most locks made today are vulnerable to key bumping and an option for installing a high security lock with a higher security level should be considered.  Advising with most 24 Hour Locksmith companies on how to install those type locks will keep burglars from attempting to pick your lock or use the key bumping method.

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