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Being locked out of your car is frustrating.

If you want to know more about how we can help you, read below. If you are interested to learn more about lock systems, keep reading. We provide answers to the most common key and lock related questions.

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What procedures are involved during installation?

According to our professionals, each locksmith service provider comes with their own set of procedures. Generally, installation involves using different types of equipment depending on the type of locks you want to install. Modern keys are electronic based, and they might be challenging to install. Installation also includes configuration of the setup of the system.

What types of residential locksmith services can I avail?

If you experience lockouts, or other emergency situations, you can always call for a 24/7 locksmith service provider. Lockouts happen when you are unable to enter your home after losing your keys or leaving your keys inside your house. In these cases, a replacement may also be needed if you have lost your keys somewhere.

How do I prepare my locks for winter?

According to our professionals, you need to disassemble the entire system and then spray some lubricant or grease within the parts. When you have put it back together, insert the key and start gently turning it back and forth to spread lubricants.

Do locksmiths provide better locks than the kind I can buy?

The locks that are sold in home stores are residential quality at best. Sometimes, the shelves are stocked with products only meant to make the manufacturer and the retailer a profit, not protect your home or belongings. A locksmith will install only high quality products with characteristics like pick resistance and access control options.

Why call a locksmith to open my car?

Auto makers have made several technological advancements that make it much more difficult to open a car without the keys. This is a fantastic thing, unless you’ve locked yourself out! If you try to open the vehicle yourself, you run the risk of damaging the lock or even the car door. A trained locksmith can unlock the vehicle without causing damage.

Can you come to my home, office or car for full locksmith service?

Yes, our fully-equipped service vans contain all the tools, hardware, and equipment that's needed for most jobs. We also operate our vans as mobile workshops to be able to fix any lockout situation and make emergency roadside calls, traveling to homes, businesses, parking garages or wherever our services are needed.

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