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3 Reasons to Replace House Door Locks

07/28/2016 Back To Blog

It is a fact that door locksets are among the house fixtures that receive the least amount of attention from owners. At the same time, they actually make up the main barrier between your property and burglars. That is why you need to get a clear idea of when replacing them is not simply a suggestion, but something essential for protecting your home and your loved ones.3 Reasons to Replace House Door Locks

Stickiness and Overall Poor Performance

It is true that lock repair is the primary solution to these kinds of issues. However, if the initial inspection reveals that the major components require serious fixing or changing, it is typically better to grab the opportunity and upgrade to a more advanced lockset. This will automatically make the door and the entire property more secure. Additionally, you will not have to worry about getting another replacement for a long time to come.

Greatly Outdated Technology

Lock manufacturers constantly develop new technologies that make homes and offices more secure. Unfortunately, burglars are not particularly slow to catch up. This means that a lock that provides you a very high level of security today will become less secure as time passes. That is why it pays off to plan lock replacement on a regular basis. The big question is how often you have to get the locksets changed.

Homeowners are typically advised to upgrade to more advanced locks every five years given the current pace of technology development. At the same time, you need to take individual factors into account such as the crime rate in your local area and what valuables you keep at your house. When it comes to new lock installation, you should choose the new device carefully. Pay attention to the make and features that provide protection from commonly used break-in techniques like picking and drilling.

You’ve Just Moved In

The rule is simple: When you move into a new house, get new locks installed. This will eliminate the risk of someone having a key given to them by the previous owner getting in. Of course, lock rekeying can produce equally good results in some cases. This is when the existing locks are up to date and in excellent operating condition. If the property has electronic locks, things will be even easier. All you'll have to do is change the access codes.

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